S.S. Ulysses

S.S. Ulysses
S.S. Phaedon (formerly Ulysses), built by Welding Shipyards, Inc., the National Bulk Carriers shipyard in Norfolk, VA. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Dave Edge)

S.S. Ulysses

Ulysses appears to be a transition ship built between the 23,900 ton Phoenix Class and the 30,000 ton Bulkpetrol Class that completed the building program in Welding Shipyards. Ulysses shows the same characteristics as the Bulkpetrol ships, but is not quite as big. She did not look a lot different from her predecessors, but was an incremental advance in tonnage, getting close to the size limit that the single slip yard could produce.

Ship Hull# Built GRT DWT Length Beam Comments
Ulysses 22 1947 14,642 28,025 597'6" 80'2" Larger and slightly different from others before it. Renamed Phaedon 1964. Scrapped Taiwan 1966.

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