T2 Tankers Still in Active Service

The T2 tanker design is apparently rugged enough to last years in service. These four T2-SE-A1 ships are still in service after all these years. Although none is in original condition or configuration, all retain the classic T2 turbo electric propulsion, giving 7,240 shaft horsepower. Glad to see there's still a few left!

Hvide Marine, Inc.

S/S HMI Trader
I have to research this one some more. I don't know what her original name was, so will have to track this one back. She was built in 1945, and is listed as a tanker of 17,330 GRT and 32,742 DWT. Shows the classic 7,240 horsepower turbo electric plant. Any help on this one out there?
Marine Transport Corporation

S/S Marine Duval
Completed by The Kaiser Company, Swan Island Yard, Portland Oregon in June 1944 as the T2 tanker S/S Chalmette, yard hull number 69, Maritime Commission hull number 1926. Renamed Stanvac Brisbane in 1948, renamed Esso Lynchburg in 1951. Was taken from reserve fleet by the US Navy in 1956 and renamed USS LYNCHBURG (AO 154) during the Suez Crisis. In 1957, was transferred back to Maritime Administration. In 1969, was acquired by Marine Transport Lines under terms of the Ship Exchange Act in exchange for traded in ship Marine Collier (ex-Laconia Victory) on a price differential basis. June 1969 was converted into a molten sulphur carrier. New bow and midship sections (465ft 6in) added by Bethlehem Steel Co., Baltimore (new measurements: 612ft overall X 80ft, 11,080GRT, 24,734DWT). Renamed Marine Duval.
Stickle Enterprises, Ltd. Inc.
- Sabine Transportation Company - http://www.sabinetankships.com/

S/S Colorado

S/S Colorado Completed by the Kaiser Company, Swan Island Yard, Portland, Oregon in February 1944 as the T2 tanker S/S Tillamook, yard hull number 48, Maritime Commission hull number 840. 1948 - sold commercial (same name). Renamed Colorado 1966. December 1971, new 536ft fore and midbody fitted by Newport News SB & DD Co. (new measurements: 638ft 6in X 74ft, 16,650 GRT, 30,400 DWT). On 21 December 1971, the tug Palmer Gaillard suffered an engineroom fire while towing the new 384ft midbody section from Beaufort, SC to Norfolk, VA. Both vessels were adrift about 20 miles off Diamond Shoal Light, NC when the tug crew was rescued by helicopter. The new section was taken in tow by the Coast Guard before being turned over to commercial tugs for delivery to destination. The old fore and midbody sections were sold to German buyers for scrapping in April 1973. Click on her name above to see her web page at Sabine Tankships.

S/S Guadalupe

S/S Guadalupe Completed by The Marinship Corporation, Sausalito, CA in February 1945 as the T2 tanker S/S Signal Hills, yard hull number 72, Maritime Commission hull number 1848. 1948: renamed Henry M. Dawes. June 1963, midship section replaced by Alabama DD & SB Co., Mobile AL, with midship section of Esso Chattanooga (ex-Esso Trenton, 1941, 10,096 GRT). Renamed Guadalupe (measurements: 525 ft 5 in oa x 68 ft, 10,380 GRT, 16,660 DWT). April 1973, arrived at Castellon for scrapping. Apparently, she survived the scrappers torch to be modified again, and is currently in service with new tonnages of 16,329 GRT, 30,369 DWT. Click on her name above to see her web page at Sabine Tankships.

T2 Tankers Still in Reserve Fleets

There are two more tankers still in reserve under U.S. Government responsibility. These ships have not been used in a number of years, and are layed up and likely to be scrapped in the next few years. One is probably the last surviving T2-SE-A1 in mostly original condition. The other is a highly modified cargo ship. Here's the scoop!


USS SAUGATUCK (AO 75) USS SAUGATUCK was launched as the T2 tanker Newtown by Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Chester, PA (yard hull number 250). She was launched on 7 December, 1942 and was completed and commissioned as the Navy oiler USS SAUGATUCK (AO 75) on 19 February, 1943. On 9 October, 1946, she was returned to the Maritime Commission as Newtown, and laid up. In January of 1948, she returned to service with the Navy as USS SAUGATUCK (AO 75). Some time after that, she was again laid up in the James River Reserve Fleet, VA and that's where she is today. Click on her name above the photo to see some photos of her there.

S/S Maine

S/S Seatrain Puerto Rico Maine was launched as the T2-SE-A2 tanker Tomahawk by The Marinship Corporation, Sausalito, CA in April 1944, yard hull number 24. The A2 variety of tanker was similar in all respects to the A1 variety, except that the A2 tankers had 10,000 horsepower machinery, while the A1 tankers had only 7,240 horsepower. She was completed and commissioned as the Navy oiler USS TOMAHAWK (AO 88). In 1960, she was returned to the Maritime Administration and laid up. In 1966 she was renamed Maine. In 1967 she was jumboized in Baltimore. Her forepart became part of Seatrain Washington, the midship section became part of Seatrain Ohio and the aft machinery section was fitted to Seatrain Maine. The photo at left is of Seatrain Puerto Rico, a sister ship. You can see the unusual arrangement which resulted after conversion. She saw service during the Vietnam War hauling cargo to Southeast Asia and was laid up some time after. Apparently the name Maine was again assumed in reserve, as that's what she goes by now. Click on her name above the photo to find out more about the conversion process.


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