S.S. Richard Type Ships

S.S. Richard
S.S. Richard, bauxite carrier built by the National Bulk Carriers shipyard in Kure, Japan.

S.S. Richard Type Ships

Richard and J. Louis were the only two of this type built by National Bulk Carriers, Kure Shipbuilding Division, Kure, Japan. Although built a few years apart, they were very similar in design. They were used as bulk and bauxite carriers, probably to service Ludwigs mines in South America.

Richard was propelled by 12,500 horsepower steam turbines geared to a single shaft, giving a service speed of 15.5 knots.

Ship Hull# Built GRT DWT Length Beam Comments
Richard 60 1957 19,999 32,490 669'6" 90'5" Bauxite ore carrier. Engine made 1936, fitted 1957.
J. Louis 84 1961 20,253 36,312 669'6" 90'5" Bulk carrier similar to Richard, hull #60 built by National Bulk Carriers in Kure, Japan.

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