S.S. Universe Apollo Class Ships

S.S. Universe Apollo

S.S. Universe Apollo, the worlds first 100,000 ton oil tanker, built in Kure, Japan by National Bulk Carriers, Kure Shipyards Division.

Universe Apollo and Universe Daphne

Universe Apollo was the worlds first 100,000 deadweight ton oil tanker. She was built for Universe Tankships in the National Bulk Carriers yard in Kure, Japan in 1958. She was completed in only seven months, and entered service on 16 February 1959, sailing for the Persian Gulf on charter to Idemitsu Kosan, Ltd.

Universe Apollo is propelled by geared steam turbines developing 27,500 shaft horsepower with a service speed of about 15.5 knots. She had logitudinal bulkheads dividing her cargo space into four sections. In each of the two center sections there were 16 tanks, 40ft x 40ft, 67 feet deep. There were eight port and starboard wing tanks. With four steam turbing cargo pumps, she could discharge a full cargo in about 30 hours.

Her sister, Universe Daphne, completed in 1960, has similar characteristics. By 1962 with changes in the Rules for Tankers, they were given a deeper load line, and their tonnage was boosted upward near 120,000.

Ship Hull# Built GRT DWT Length Beam Comments
Universe Apollo 66 1958 72,132 104,520 949'9" 135'5" First 100,000 ton tanker launched. Laid up Pireaus, Greece 1977. Scrapped Kaohsiung in fall of 1979.
Universe Daphne 70 1960 72,268 107,520 949'9" 135'5" Universe Apollo class tanker.

S.S. Universe Apollo

S.S. Universe Apollo, ready for launching at the Kure, Japan shipyard operated by National Bulk Carriers.

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